We at EliteStays maintain a hand-to-hand connection between all the leading OTAs and our clients. Below are some of our multifunctional roles


We manage the inventory of your property and registrations on all major online portals to ensure your business revenue gets maximised.

Content Analysis:

We at Elite Stays tend to pay attention to even minute details of your property content/details which can help us to attract more guests for longer stays.

Competition Review :

It is inherent in today's world of competition in every domain that one needs to be ahead of its competitors in customer satisfaction as well as business profit but maintaining their high reputation at the same time. We strive to maintain this balance for all our customers to assist them not only in tangible growth but the non-tangible sucess as well.

Market Analysis :

We analyse the market trend both in terms of occupancy and average room rate and maintain the fair market share of your business. We work to improve the benchmark performance with our analysis based strategies.

Price Analysis :

Raising or lowering the price is our most important function. By raising the price we increase revenue but potentially lower the number of bookings. If demand is high this is often the right strategy as there are enough potential guests willing to pay the high rates. Elite stays maintain the trade off between these components to optimize business revenue.